Jan Brauer

Migrating from skeleton to skull

07 Mar 2016

YOU! You will no longer stand between me and my destiny! –Skeletor

When I first launched my blog in 2011, I spent quite some time looking for a simple responsive CSS theme. At that time I settled with skeleton. It looked great and was easy to customize.

Fast forward 5 years.

By coincidence, Joe Walnes’ tweet regarding the BRRR stack draw my interest. The B stands for basscss. BassCSS is a low level CSS framework in the vein of bootstrap, but much simpler. While digging into the code, I stumbled upon skull. Skull is a bare bones responsive theme, inspired by skeleton. It provides a grid layout and simple classes to style your HTML.

A few commits later, my site now uses Skull with only one change. Replacing the colour for the <a> tag with orange. Give it a try, it’s fun to use and looks great.